Benedikt Schöller Truva Music   Engineer Producer Songwriter  Munic/Berlin

Tim Bendzko, LaBrassBanda, Noah Levi, Lena, Kelvin Jones, Mike Singer, Ela,........

BeatGees  The aspiring Berlin producer team. Clients include:  Sido, F.R. Tim Bendzko, Culcha Candela, Chima, McFitti, Megaloh, Larsito, Namika and many more.

Namika     the beautifull voice from Frankfurt, number one hit: "Lieblingsmensch"

Ingo Politz       Producer/Composer:     Elaiza / Maschine / Faun / Silbermond / Silly / Glasperlenspiel /
                                                                       Lena / Udo Lindenberg / Eisblume / Tobias Regner / Natalia /
                                                                       Thomas Godoj / Yvonne Catterfeld

RBB Radio Berlin Brandenburg

Charlie Bauerfeind- Legendary Producer of: Blind Guardian. Helloween, Motörhead, Hammerfall,Rage,Gotthardt and many more

Sarah Brightman- “Best-Selling Soprano of all Time”

Idee&Klang Studio Basel  The Swiss high end studio

Mike Stevens Canada's hamonica virtuoso, he has had hundreds of performances at the Grand Ole Opry

Peter Weihe-   Guitar Legend, he worked on more than 1000 productions” : Udo Lindenberg, Chaka Khan, No Angels, Pur, and many more

Frank Peterson-  Producer/Composer of many worldwide Hits: Enigma, Gregorian, Sarah Brightman, Ofra Haza.

Van Canto-  The fantastic A-cappella-Metal-Band

Billy King-  Producer, Singer, Composer, Vocal Coach. He's the person who makes stars sound the way they sound. His clients include: AC/DC, Mel C, Howard Carpendale, Westernhagen, Mr.President, Modern Talking, Deutschland sucht den Superstar (German Idol) and many more

Hansi Kürsch-  Lead Singer of  Blind Guardian

Betty Lenard-  The lovely Voice from Austria, check out her new album!

Thomas Geiger  Funkhaus Berlin Nalepastr.worked for: Blind Guardian, Helloween....

Marek Pompetzki-   Producer of Sido, Sarah Connor, Shaggy and countless more

Brio Taliaferro-  Writer, Producer, Programmer. His clients include: Erasure, Joanna Zimmer, Colbie Caillat, Garbage, Sugababes, Robbie Williams and many more.

boomin' System  Frankfurt

Jörg "Warthy" Wartmann"  Producer, Guitarist, Bass Player for:  Freiwild, Unheilig, Hämatom...

Alexander Lysjakow  Producer, Bass Player of:   Freiwild, The Baseballs, Down Below, Annemarie Eilfeld

Second Line Studio Österreich

Westendstudio  München

Timebird Studios  Mannheim

Castle Sound Studio  Bernburg/Saale

Stefan Huber  Silentwave audio-production on Lake Constance

Robert  Amarell  Leipzig

Synchronics   Andre Hemker Leipzig

Musik Akademie Basel Jazzcampus     Hochschule für Musik

Hubertus Dahlem   BENG music and DTC Music Productions UG

Olliver Rath     audio engineer/guitar player   Austria